Doc's office screwed up my appointment, so no update...

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Doc's office screwed up my appointment, so no update...
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 9:20am

Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't posted yet to update on my appointment Wednesday.  I have had a nasty stomach flu for the past 2 days (thanks, Brynn lol).  But because I was so desperate to have that ultrasound, I still went to my appointment on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, there was a screwup on the part of the doc's office, and the doctor wasn't even there!  They did admit their error at least.  The RN tried some things like listening with the Doppler and trying to feel my uterus, but because of the weird position of my uterus there wasn't much she could tell.  And it's pretty early to hear anything by Doppler anyways, although the RN did think she heard a faint flutter in the area where my uterus is.  But no ultrasound.  They rescheduled for today (Friday), then this morning called and told me the doctor is out again, and did I want to reschedule for next week?  Sigh.  I guess I can wait until 9 weeks, I did with Brynn, but I was really hoping to see the baby this week.  So it's pretty disappointing.  Anyways, I will definitely let you all know how it goes next week.


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Oh Melissa, how disappointing, for sure!! I hope that you are feeling better and that the doctor is in and that they get it right next time. 


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That sucks! Hope they get it right next week