How many scares? Really...

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How many scares? Really...
Fri, 12-31-2010 - 3:53pm

Weds night I woke up at 2am with my underwear soaked through. I thought I had just let go some pee in the middle of the night (which has never ever happened to me) so I changed and went back to sleep. Yesterday morning, I continued to leak clear fluid and hadn't felt baby girl move all morning by 11am. I panicked and called my OB, who wanted me to come in immediately. For the longest hour ever, I thought we had lost our baby girl! She came in and did an u/s immediately which showed baby alive with a strong heartbeat, but not moving much. She was worried about my fluid levels, so she sent me to the peri who squeezed me in for a high level u/s. That u/s showed "perfect" fluid levels and the baby moving around again. I was so relieved! I was sent home on bedrest for a few days and with instructions to go directly to L&D if I get any more "gushes" or if the leaking picks ups. Luckily, it went away yesterday afternoon and I haven't had any more since then.

Why can't this just be easy for me? There's only baby in there for goodness sake! I am just so disappointed with my body and cursing those women who have easy pregnancies. I was in NO WAY thinking I would be on bedrest at New Years and only 21 weeks along :*( Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go more smoothly, but seeing as how it's gone so far, I doubt that will happen...

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Fri, 12-31-2010 - 6:46pm

Katie I posted on May EC too but I am so sorry you are having more issues. Please try to take it easy and I will keep you and your LO in my prayers.

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Fri, 12-31-2010 - 7:59pm
Sorry thats very scary.
Im glad everything is OK.
Ya I wish things were just easy once we finally get pregnant.
Try & take it easy.
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Sat, 01-01-2011 - 9:43am
I am so sorry. This has been such a hard pregnancy for you!! But you have been a champ. I would be in the looney bin by now. Hang in there!
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Sat, 01-01-2011 - 12:57pm

Oh man, Katie.

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Sat, 01-01-2011 - 2:07pm

So sorry to hear your having to go through more trouble. I hope a little bed rest will take care of things and hopefully it will get easier for you. Sending you and LO P&PT.


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Sat, 01-01-2011 - 7:32pm

Aww hun I am so sorry things are not going smoothly :(

Really hoping this is it and the rest goes quickly for you and without anymore scares.

TONS of (((HUGS)))!

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Mon, 01-03-2011 - 1:17pm

Sorry you had to go through