How Supportive Is Your Partner?

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How Supportive Is Your Partner?
Wed, 02-20-2013 - 3:46pm

Writer Benjamin Percy attempted to experience the untold joys of pregnancy and wrote about it in the March issue of GQ. For nine long weeks (please re-read that bit with a heavily sarcastic tone) Percy donned a 33-pound prosthetic "pregnancy suit" complete with swollen breasts and a massive gel-shaped dome of a belly and wore it around the clock.

As you would imagine, women weren't exactly lining up to present the bogus man-mom with any awards. Percy admits he was surprised. "When I first agreed to this experiment, I thought women would respect me for it, pat me on the back, and say what a sweet, understanding man I am," he said. "Instead they seem to take glee in my discomfort and relish pointing out the suit's inadequacies."

Man Wears Pregnancy Suit for GQ-

So, I don't think I know a single guy that would put on a pregnancy suit just to understand what it is like to be pregnant!  But, it makes me wonder... how supportive has your partner been since you've been pregnant?  Does he run out and get foods you are craving? Let you sleep in? Rub your feet or back?  What's he doing to support you during your pregnancy?

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 12:13pm

My husband has been really great.  I simply can't complain one bit and I know I'm blessed for that. He's very attentive and tries to meet my every need.  He's just been fantastic.  That said, I doubt he'd put on a pregnancy suit. ;)

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