In Shock

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In Shock
Sat, 12-28-2013 - 9:42pm

We have been TTC for about a year now for #2. This morning I got a positive first response and positive digital. I am still in disbelief but I want to let myself be excited. Has anyone else ever experienced this feeling? It's like I am afraid to be excited.






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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 9:38am
Hi there! Congratulations on expecting your second child and welcome to the Pregnant After TTC board! We are so happy you found us! I think what you are feeling is quite normal, especially after you've tried for quite a while. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of early pregnancy? Once those kick in, I'm sure it will feel more real to you! Again, congrats and welcome! We are excited to get to know you!

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