22 weeks. i got pregnant while living in florida and then moved back to home state of indiana.

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22 weeks. i got pregnant while living in florida and then moved back to home state of indiana.
Thu, 04-07-2011 - 3:06pm

today i am 22 weeks along with a baby boy! it's been a bitter-sweet experience so far. i was living in florida at the time that i got pregnant. i was not even seriously dating the father of the baby. i moved back to indiana because i felt i had no support down there and that i needed my family now, more than ever. i am happy with my decision to move away. the father is very immature and has a bad temper. he says he wants to be involved now, but doesn't want to make any necessay changes. i am working a full-time job and trying to pay off probation fees for a dui i also took with me when i left. i am living with my grandparents temporarily until i get the fine paid off. then i will have to find a place to live for the both of us. i don't make much, but i think i make too much to qualify for daycare assistance. i don't know anyone who can baby-sit when i have to go back to work. i've put my faith and god and alot of people might call me crazy for going through this. i would never have an abortion.. this baby doesn't deserve to be killed because of my stupid mistake. i think

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Hugs and welcome to the board. Thank you for sharing your story! I think you are right that he'll need a male role model, but sounds like maybe your family can fill that role? Your grandfather, father, any siblings? As far as daycare assistance, couldn't hurt to ask and find out. Also depending you may qualify for WIC in your state which could help with some food costs and they might know of other resources for you too.

It is hard being pregnant and single, but its a decision that is doubly rewarded especially when you feel the wee one inside or on the ultrasound! Have you decided any names for your son? I know you will be a good mommy, your post says it all. Hugs to you! And keep posting with us!

I'm Katie, 27, widowed and pregnant by a guy who doesn't want involved either. My grown stepsons have already said they'll be big brothers to my son :-). So I'll have 3 sons come June and a grandson too! LOL

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