4 months pregnant....need support.

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4 months pregnant....need support.
Wed, 07-11-2012 - 1:38pm

I'm really new to this. I'm about 4 months pregnant and single. I thought this never happen to me. I thought I will get married again and have kids. I was only seeing the baby's daddy for sex in the beginning than the feelings start to come. Then we started a relationship after that. About a month he left me for another girl. I didn't have any support from anyone. My best friend had his own problems. So I really couldn't ask him for anything. I try to move on but everytime I do he pops up in my head. I even changed my number.  Before he left for an vacation, he said he will be there for the baby and everything. But the thing is I hated him for doing this to me. I keep thinking that everything will be alright but it hasn't been. My emotions have been up and down for last couple of months. I'm on a vacation right now to get away from work and everything. I just need support or advice.