5 months pregnant & ranting. sorry

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5 months pregnant & ranting. sorry
Thu, 03-03-2011 - 1:51am

We were dating for 10 months and left me while i was 12 weeks pregnant. He didn't want the baby he wanted me to have an abortion. We found out our baby had a umbilical hernia at 9 weeks but the Dr, said it was normal for first tri babies to have and not to worry. He went online and looked up the problem and told me that i could get a miscarraige from the hernia but if that happens dont blame him he installed the fear in me that i would loose the baby and that i would be a horrible mother because i couldn't even take care of the baby while i was pregnant. then he brakes up with me and doesnt have the guts to go to the Dr with me to find out if our baby will live or die! he says he was sick but it was ok for that very same week end for him to take his new GF to seaworld and go swimming with dolphins.

We have been broken up for two months now and he seems happy with this new girl. She is a stripper and a crack head.

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Thu, 03-03-2011 - 12:49pm

Big (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry that he's not being there for you.

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Thu, 03-03-2011 - 11:03pm
Hugs to you! I agree with Melissa! Sorry he is doing this to you too! Hope he does step up for you and the baby. But if he doesn't you can do it! Just concentrate on you and baby right now and think of the best! HUGS!

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