5 year old and 6 weeks pregnant-Happy!

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5 year old and 6 weeks pregnant-Happy!
Wed, 05-26-2010 - 10:36am

While I am a little scared about the future I am happy.
Maybe because I am 34 years old and I am sure of myself and my abilities to raise a child on my own, another one is just going to make the ride of life more interesting.

My baby bumps father is at this moment, whats a nice way to say it, unhappy and he has decided to withdraw from the situation. That is fine with me!! I broke up with him 2 weeks before I found out anyway! I am much happier with out him and I know I have a strong support system behind me...my friends and family.
If he will come around I don't know nor do I care. Great if he does but I am a strong woman and I will carry on!

I hope that I can inspire at least one woman to get happy about the new life that you were so special to grow inside of you!!

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Mon, 05-31-2010 - 10:14pm

Hey happymomma,

Thank you for that it definetly reminded me that i am a strong woman sometimes these hormones get the best of me while i dont have the best support system i am definetly happy i am pregnant i love my 3 yr old more than life itself and im ashamed for even considering abortion as an option because i am a christian... im going to save your message and look at it when i want to call or text him he tells me whenever i call or text im bothering him and to leave him alone... i would like to have a strong woman like you on my side is there a way we can pen pal it except for ivillage facebook maybe?

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Tue, 06-01-2010 - 12:37pm

I am a recent college graduate and got pregnant by my first love.. and once his mother found I was pregnant she declared the baby had to be terminated! She swayed me into making this choice. By the way the father is African so having this baby out of wedlock was a shame to the family. As of now we don't speak and I broke up with at 5 weeks because he was listening to his mother who belittled me as if I was not educated, and capable of any of this ..pretty much the scum of the earth and swore up and down I was trying to trap her son. Not hardly.

I recently made the decision to keep my baby! I am super nervous, excited too. Its not a ideal situation but there's nothing to hard when you have God on your side and strong family and friend support. I wanted say thank you for your inspiring words, I look forward to getting bigger, becoming a stronger woman and awesome role model to this little one!

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