6 weeks pregnant and dealing with a breakup

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6 weeks pregnant and dealing with a breakup
Sun, 11-20-2011 - 2:13pm


So I'm trying to get advice from others going through the same thing.

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Tue, 11-22-2011 - 12:05pm
Hello there and welcome to the board!

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling so much with your breakup. I can totally understand why you are upset. Going from an extremely affectionate relationship to him being cold towards you would be so upsetting. Do you think that maybe taking a break from contact with him for a bit would help? Perhaps it would give you both some time to collect your thoughts and let the strong emotions settle a bit? I'm guessing that he's still reeling from the shock of it all and he's taking it out on you (which isn't fair at all!). Until he can be polite to you, maybe some time away would be the best thing for both of you?

Sending you tons of gentle (((HUGS))). Keep us posted on how things are going and how you are feeling. Hang in there and know that we are here for you!

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