Baby Clothes

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Baby Clothes
Wed, 08-22-2012 - 6:50pm

Hello ladies. My name is Christine and I'm mama to a fantastic little boy who will be one year old in just two weeks. I was in the same situation as all of you throughout my pregnancy and am a single mama. I used this forum for support during my pregnancy and am so thankful for the support I received here. First of all, I want to say that everything will be okay. I know it's hard to believe right now, heck if someone told me that a year ago I wouldn't have believed them, but it wil be okay... promise! Once you see your baby for the first time every moment of heartache you feel will be worh it ten times over. Secondly, I have a ton of baby clothes that are mostly Carters that are all in good condition that I would like to send to someone who needs them. My son was born in September, so the smallest sizes are fall and winter clothes with summer clothes being 9 and 12 months. All cute stuff. Please let me know if you could use them :smileyhappy: