My hope... Azariah Noah-Love

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My hope... Azariah Noah-Love
Mon, 04-19-2010 - 8:34pm
I dedicate this to my testament…
With comeuppance for my past…
Remembering all the petty things,
I once bet my life, would last
It hurts too deep to even grieve, all I sacrificed.
In search of dreams… happiness it seems,
I bought for every price.
Once wallowed in gallows, Faded to shadows..
I Accepted my defeat.
So goes the tale of the flight to hell
When one buys into deceit…
But I Commemorate that moment
I laid broken at God's feet…
Bearing Nothing to show, from all I’ve known,
I prayed my soul to keep.
Mind you, Love, when I asked for such
I had an idea of many things…
Lo, behold, his dove, brought hope in clutch
With you upon its wings…
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