pregant and alone

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pregant and alone
Wed, 07-21-2010 - 1:14pm

I am just having a real hard time with this pregnancy and being happy, Im hoping that I can get some feedback that can help me clear some things up. I have 2 daughters from my previous marriage which I have been divorced for almost 2 years now. I recently was in a relationship as well and we just broke up about 3 months ago. I went out with someone else a couple times and just found out that I am pregnant now. I am 5 weeks. I was on the pill so becoming pregnant was not a issue.

I am almost 31 years old and really want to have another baby, but I just came out of a realtionship and felt I only wanted to date and not have the obligation to a man right now. The father of this baby is not one that I can see myself marrying or any of that right now, at least at this point.

I feel unhappy cause Im not excited to be pregnant because there is no love or feeling for the father. But I do know and beleive that God only gives blessings and all babies are blessings.. I just need to get things together..

any advice, opinions, thoughts, ANYTHING .. please respond

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