pregnant and alone. Need advice or something......

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pregnant and alone. Need advice or something......
Mon, 04-18-2011 - 6:10pm
Okay well here's the situation... I am 21 years old and I have a son who is about to be three. I go to school and have a pretty decent fulltime job. I am 6 months pregnant. Me and the father has not been in a relationship for about a year. Both children have the same father. Me and him don't even talk unless it has something to do with my son. One day I went to get my son from his house and we ended up hanging out and I stayed over his house that night, we had sex and I got pregnant. I feel sooo alone. Like I have nobody in the world and he doesn't understand. Once in a while hell ask how the baby is and how I'm doing but that's it. I cry all the time and I miss him soo much, but I know well never be together. I just don't know what to do. How can I be okay in this situation? Its just me. He was my best friend so I pretty much have no friends, just my sisters. Advice opinions, anything is welcome.
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Hugs to you and welcome mslaydee1216! I'm sorry you are feeling so alone! Have you looked into any playgroups/meetup groups/mom groups for people with kids your son's age? Maybe by getting around other moms with 3 year olds maybe you'd find some new friends that could relate? Are there any of your classmates that might also be single moms?

It can be so lonely and isolating when you don't know anyone with similar circumstances. With the job and school I'm sure your schedule is pretty full too which would make the meetups harder, but not necessarily impossible. I'm sorry that he isn't there for you the way you want him either.

Keep posting here.. There are so many different situations here that someone will have something close to yours. Vent, share with us the good and bad, and know you have a place to come where you are understood! HUGS!!

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(((HUGS))) I'm so sorry that he's not being there for you. It's hard to find friends when you are working, going to school and caring for your son. Maybe your school has some groups that would allow you to meet some new potential friends? You will be okay, and we'll be here for you.