Andrew and Maggie are here!!

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Andrew and Maggie are here!!
Sun, 07-22-2007 - 9:13am

Please forgive, but things are busy. I copied this from the sept boards. My DH posted this while I was in the hospital. I got out yesterday so now life's all about visits to the NICU.

maggie and andrew arrived on wednesday july 18 2007 at 33 weeks 3 days. maggie weighs 4lbs 3oz andrew weighs 4lbs 6oz. birth story: at about 10:55 tuesday night I was surfing the web when my water broke. I called my doctor and was told to drive myself into the hospital. at about 1am they told me it would be at lease a day or two before i could I would deliver so I sent my husband home ot get the house ready and get some sleep. at 5am the story changed and I had to send my friend to go wake him up as he was out like a light. I had progressed from a 1 to an 8 in a matter 5 hours! by 10 am I was wheeled into the delivery room, dressed my husband like blueberry, and at 10:10 I gave birth to andrew first. they were talking about me delivering maggie the natural way but her cord was prolapsed so they kicked my husband out of the room and put me under general as I could not have an epidural because of the medication I was on. by 10:20 we had 2 beautiful babies in warmer that should be homeward bound within 2-3 weeks. will update as more info becomes available.

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Sun, 07-22-2007 - 12:00pm

Wow congrats, I guess it happens sooner than you think. I remember when you posted 31 weeks bring on the appt's. I'm not as far behind you I'm going into my 32nd week w/ b/g as well. You must be on cloud 9! Those babies were great in size. How's there health?

For not having a c section you should be up and about pretty well! Lucky you! Get plenty of rest! Now your pregnancy is just a memory! You won the prize!

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Sun, 07-22-2007 - 9:10pm
Congrats!! Can't wait to see them!!!

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Sun, 07-29-2007 - 6:37pm
Congratulations April!!! I haven't been on the boards for quite some time and was excited to see your post! My NICU days are over since my surrobabies were able to fly back to Georgia with their parents. I also spent a week with my daughter in NICU nearly seven years ago so I can relate somewhat. Are you able to hold them? How is their breathing? It will be wonderful when you are able to take your precious babies home and begin a normal(normal is relative!lol) life! Take care of yourself!
God bless!!!
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