Caleb & Zach are here and healthy!

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Caleb & Zach are here and healthy!
Thu, 08-23-2007 - 12:03am

I am happy to announce that Caleb Nathaniel and Zachary Connor arrived on Friday, August 10th via a planned c-section. They weighed in at 6 lbs 8 ozs and 7 lbs 3 ozs respectively and are super healthy! (I was 38 weeks 1 day along).

I have thoroughly enjoyed this message board and wish you all the best! For those of you who are wondering if you can make it to full term, you can! Rest, be positive and pray and you can do it! God Bless you all!

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Thu, 08-23-2007 - 12:32am

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Sat, 08-25-2007 - 10:11pm
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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 10:29am
Congratulations and welcome babies Caleb and Zach, what big boys, good job!

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Thu, 09-06-2007 - 1:09pm
Thank you SO much for posting.
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Sun, 09-09-2007 - 12:11am

Congrats!!!!! Wow! 38 weeks! Great job mom!

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