Ella and Brooklyn have arrived

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Ella and Brooklyn have arrived
Sun, 12-10-2006 - 3:38am
I'm proud to announce that my little girls made their entrance on Dec 4th via c- section.
Ella weighed in @ 6lb and 5oz, and Brooklyn 7lb and 1oz.
That was the most crazy day of the whole pregnancy. It all started at like 3 in the morning on the 4th, I was having so many contractions, but I figured I'd just wait until 10:45 that day for my appt with my doctor. My Dh and I went in and she was concerned because my BP was a little high again and my edema was really bad as well. She proceeded to try to break my water, but nothing happened. She told me I'd probably have another week or more to go, all I could think was I don't know if I can make it that long with all these contractions. My OB decided to play it safe and sent me in for an NST. Well we decided to go home first and grab a quick bite to eat, I ate a bagel, and than grab our hospital bags just in case. When we got there I did the usual urine protein test and then got all strapped up to the moniters. After about half an hour the nurse came in and took my BP again and it was 156/96, she proceeded to tell me I spilled a 3 in protein on my urine test. She said she thought babies were defiantly coming today. Another 30 min goes by, she comes back and says they are scheduling my c-section for today. I had to wait 7 hours though because I ate that darn bagel. It was a grueling 7 hours without any food or water and I think this caused my contractions to pick up even more. They kept checking me because they were quite concerned that I would make it to a 10 before the section. Thank God I didn't and I made it to the 8:30 deadline without even my water breaking. They both came out screaming so we thought we were in the clear, but it turned out that they did have TTTS after all and Brooklyn had to go to the NICU and be put on a C-PAP. That was the hardest thing I ever went through in my entire life. Not being able to see or hold my little girl after giving birth to her. I wasn't able to see her until the following evening because I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and basically threw up everytime I moved. Everything is wonderful now though, Ella came home with us on Friday with absolutly no problems at all and Brooklyn is now breathing room air and will be joining us at the earliest Monday and the latest Thursday. Both have latched on to the breast wonderfully and I'm just the proudest Mommy ever! I will be posting pictures tom. so be on the lookout for them!
Proud Mommy to Ella and Brooklyn 12/4/06
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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 9:04am

Congratulations Julie!!!


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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 9:36am

Yay!! Congrats to you and your new family members. What an exciting ride! How many weeks were you? It sounds like your girls are doing great, especially with TTTS. Take care, looking forward to pictures.


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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 10:22am

Congratulations Julie on the arrivals of Ella and Brooklyn!! You must be so excited!! Looking forward to seeing their beautiful faces when you post pics...

Enjoy every moment!!

Lauren :)
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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 10:44am

Wow! Congrats!!!!
your birth story and happiness brings tears to my face. I'm right behind you due any day now. I've been dialated to 5 for about 2wks. I'm not scheduled for a c-sect but, I hope my babies are as big & healthy as yours are. I hope to breastfeed also. Again good luck to you and your family and remember God brings double blessings to the most perfect of MOMS. Hope to see pictures.

EDD 1/8/07 (or anyday soon!!!)

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 1:44pm
Congratulations, Julie! It's wonderful to hear, and those are such good weights!

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 4:37pm
CONGRATS!!! I am so happy to hear that all are well! Just curious why they had to come c-section? And how many weeks were you??? I cant wait to share my story too... seems like forever until that day will come! Best of Luck with raising your blessing!
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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 11:26pm
CONGRATS! Darn bagels eh???


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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 10:53am
Welcome Ella and Brooklyn - congratulations!

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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 2:51pm

Yeah! what great news... I am happy to hear that most everything went well.

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Thu, 12-14-2006 - 1:44pm

Wow Julie - CONGRATS!!!

Ella and Brooklyn - Beautiful names!! =)

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