The GIRLS arrived early and are HOME!

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The GIRLS arrived early and are HOME!
Tue, 07-11-2006 - 1:53am

At 35 weeks 1 day Averill Rose, 6 lbs, 19.25 in, and Lydia Grace, 6 lbs 12 oz, 19.75 in arrived Friday, July 7th at 2:52pm and 3:08 pm respectively. (They maturity tested at 37 weeks!) Labor was shorter than my other two, only about seven hours, but the delivery itself was very scarey and traumatic for everyone involved Dr's and nurses included. My story maybe a little disturbing for some I'm not over it yet but have come to terms with what happened, that said please read on with caution.

Labor was very routine and I quickly progresses from 3cm at triage at 8am to fully dilated at around 2pm. We headed off the deliver in the OR which is standard for twins. Averill had turned head down from a transverse position and so had Lydia for the most part so we decided to go vaginal w/ the c-sect option for Lydia if needed. With just three sets of 3-4 pushes A was born, they did a quick u/s to see what L had done in her new found space. She had turned breech unfortunately but my Dr knowing I had previously delivered a 9+ pounder thought doing a breech extraction would be no problem. They did try to turn L with an external version but my uterus was too floppy and she just flipped back. I'll spare you the gorey details but the short of it is Lydia came out feet first with her arms straight up above her head. She got stuck at the arm pits for about 4.5 mins and they had to break her right arm to get her out. She had heart tones but was not breathing, they had to bag her for about 30 secs before she started breathing on her own. Neither of their APGARs started out great 4 A/3 L but at 10 mins they were 7 A/8 L. They went straight to the Special Care Nursey (no nicu here) where they got puffed with some oxygen at first for mild Respitory Distress but then went to room air within the hour. They were put on iv's, and monitors so they did not come to my room until Sunday morning around 10am. The best part was getting to take care of them on my own, for the first time I finally felt like their mom.

The Dr's say Lydia's arm should be healed within 2 weeks and she should have no permanent damage as a result. She is pretty tender and we're watching her for worsening jaundice. She also suffered pretty severe bruising on her lower half from the pressure of being pulled on and also from the blood leaving her extremities like when a person has hypothermia. The first day everything down there was purple, now the the worst of it is on the bottoms of her feet and her girl parts. Averill is just perfectly petite and very mellow so far. I'm getting around OK considering I got an episiotomy in the 3rd degree as part of the deal. OW! Thank goodness for a perfect epidural! We have tons of pics which I'll post some of later. There shots here under July: now.

Good luck everyone! Keep those bubs growing!

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Tue, 07-11-2006 - 10:01am

I am sorry your experience was so traumatic.......but I have to say.......they both are just beautiful!!





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Tue, 07-11-2006 - 3:29pm

Congrats Sarah!!!

What an intense birth! Glad to know they are both going to be fine. They are so beautiful! I love Lydia's checks :-) They look so kissable and yummy!

Enjoy your newborns :-)

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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 12:26am

Congrats on your beautiful baby girls. It is hard to read stories like that, however it is eye opening to the possibilities we face a women pregnant with twins. I am currently 31 weeks, and going for a natural birth... so I appreciate that you are sharing your experience so opening.

Enjoy your baby girls, and I hope the bruises go away soon.


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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 9:48am


The girls are absolutely beautiful!!! I am sorry you had such a traumatic birth but thank goodness they are both here and doing so well!!

Congrats on your girls!

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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 11:20am

Sarah, congrats and welcome to the world Averill and Lydia.

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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 4:11pm

CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!! (Hey, I just noticed our kids are much the same age! Are your bigger kids loving the babies?)

WTG on those babies!

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