Jack and Sam are here!!!

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Jack and Sam are here!!!
Tue, 09-26-2006 - 10:00am

Jackson Hays (5 lb. 15 oz.) and Samuel Clayton (5 lb. 12 oz.) were born Friday morning (9/22) via c-section only a few seconds apart. They are healthy, beautiful, and amazing!!! Jack gave us a scare initially, not really wanting to clear his lungs and breathe well right away, but after a few minutes of work by the awesome nursery team and a couple of hours of observation in the NICU, you'd never know it now!! In fact, when he was howling for his bottle last night, that very thought crossed my mind!!!! We all came home Monday morning and are doing great. They look nothing alike, really, so it is easy to tell who is who. Big Sister Audrey thinks they are just so precious. She even decided to get up and "help" with them last night. Daddy is snoring in the recliner and I"m chugging coffee, getting ready to give Jack another bottle soon. They are just wonderful!!! How blessed I am!!!!!!!



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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 10:21am

Congrats on your two new little bundles of joy!! That is great that everyone turned out to be healthy! Take care,


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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 11:02am
Congrats on two healthy babies!


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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 11:35am

Congratulations on your two healthy boys!


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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 11:42am
Congratulations on your new little sweeties. Their weights are wonderful, do you mind if I ask how far along you were? I am hoping to grow some big babies too. Best wishes and congrats again.
-kelly :o)
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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 12:36pm


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Tue, 09-26-2006 - 1:07pm
Congratulations on your two little boys!