lincoln and carson are here

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lincoln and carson are here
Fri, 11-16-2007 - 8:31pm

Finally at 38 weeks, 6 days we got induced.

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Fri, 11-16-2007 - 9:43pm


That was an amazing story. Made me tear up. Congrats on your little ones!


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Fri, 11-16-2007 - 10:51pm
Jordan.............WOAH GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are awesome weights...I've only seen one gal who incidently went 40w2d have bigger babies(her's were both around 8lbs). I'm so impressed. Happy baby moon to you.

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We have had


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Fri, 11-16-2007 - 11:48pm
Congratulations Jordan, and Welcome babies Lincoln and Carson. What an amazing birth story, and way to go keeping them in so long. Enjoy your babies and good luck to you!
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Sat, 11-17-2007 - 1:43pm

Holy crap! Those were some HUGE babies! 16 pounds of them! I am speechless! Your story gave me shivers (in a good way :))!

Congratulations to you! You are one amazing woman! How is your pubic symphysis? That separation is VERY painful. There are some "belts" you can get to compress it together. You probably should see a physical therapist so it doesn't rejoin crooked. That can really screw up your back and pelvis.

See you on the multiples board!


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