Marcus and Abigails Story

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Marcus and Abigails Story
Sat, 04-21-2007 - 10:04am

I went in for my 36 week appointment/NST/AFI on April 10, Again, It was no big deal as I have been doing the twice weekly appointments for a while. I also had the same stupid questions.... "Do you know your having contractions?" "Can you feel them?" "You know these are pretty strong... Maybe we need to do a check on your cervix..." And so on and so forth. we had the wonderful chat through with our doctor, and Thank God it wasn;t the stupid doctor that DH and I hate. We were informed that I was at 6 cm and 80% effaced, and that they were calling he hospital to let them know we were on our way over. Big Thrill... We had William and Gwendylen with us... That is two children under the age of 4.... Needless to say William was all excited at the prospect of watching mommy get a shot, and was hoping he would get a sticker, and Gwennie was thrilled at the prospect of being allowed to get snacks out of the diaper bag with some help from a wonderful nurse.
The hospital staff was pretty informative, but everything they were telling me I already knew cuz of the doc telling us.... Delivering in the OR, Needing to have an epidural just in case, etc. DH called the Pastor of our church and asked him if he knew anyone who could come and watch our children (DH's job was to find child care....) And the anesthesiologist was nice and patient... she waited for Our pastor to arrive and for DH to take the kids out to meet him... And she even went against policy and allowed DH to stay n the room for the epidural. (Please note... I had no pain, so the prospect of an epidural was a tad scarey) After the epi, then came the pitocin to level out and regulate my contractions... they were coming anywhere from 3 minutes to 45 minutes apart.. After the epi and the pitocin, I took a nap. I was wiped out from not being able to sleep the night before (cant get comfy on a bed with a twin belly and DH sleeping right in the middle of the bed) Around 1900 I was checked and was informed that I was 9 cm and 90% and that my water was bulgy, so it was off to the OR... WOOHOO! Abigail was head down so we were going to try to vaginal, but it never happened... within minutes of getting the bed broke down, my water broke and the little booger went to shoulder presenting instead of head first, And the heart rates dropped so... C-section. they upped the epidural and everything went pretty quick, they didn;t even wait for a roller (whatever that was) I was moved to the operating table, and the curtain was put up and I could still feel them poking my tummy, I informed a nurse I could feel it,and she was telling me it was normal to feel them puttering around down below the curtain... I was like no, I feel them cutting and it hurts... so the anesthesiologist got permission from my DH to do a general, because there wasn;t time for the epi to kick in all the way.
Abigail Rayne was born at 19:29 and weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces and was 18.5 inches long, And Marcus Ryan followed at 19:30 and weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.
I woke up in a recovery room approximatly an hour later and was informed that DH was with the babies in the nursery, and Marcus was having problems breathing and had apparently gotten amniotic fluid in his lungs, DH came into the room with Abigail and told me what was going on, and that Marcus was being transfered to a German children's hospital and that he was going to follow the ambulance, and would I be alright... I got to see Marcus for a whole 5 minutes before he was transfered, A nurse sat with me in the recovery room until DH came back from the children's hospital. The next 24 hours I was still bleeding from my incision, so I was kept pretty well out of it. The nurses kept comng in wih doses of demoral and morphine and some sedative........ The day after that i was finally allowed to sit up on the edge of the bed, and the hated catheter was removed, and wouldn;t you know it... I passed out. My blood pressure dropped to 60/34 and my heart rate shot up to around 150, so the wonderful blood work was started. The doctor who did the c-sec informed my DH and I that I had lost quite a bit of blood and my hemoglobin was super low, so Again, because I was still loopy from pain meds, they got permission from DH to do blood transfusions.. so again Ihad the hated catheter, and straight up bedrest..... it was basically, get a transfusion, wait 4 hours and do more blood work, another transfusion, wait 4 hours more blood work... I had a total of 4 transfusions over 2 days, and then the wonderful NPO order went into effect on the 4th day in th hospital, because The doctor thought I had an internal bleed because my blood levels were lower than what he liked... GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Abigail was a precious angel throughout everything, She is such a quiet baby. The hospital staff was wonderful the whole time, they kept popping in every few minutes to see if I wanted to hold Abbi or to call the german hospital to check on Marcus.. Then we spent another 2 days just getting me ambulatory... which was an adventure to say the least.To top off everything, the Day i was discharged i developed bells palsy which doesn't help the baby blues any at all. All in all, I never want to go through that again, but it was well worth it for my two precious babies.
Marcus is out of the NICU at the children's hospital and is in a regular hospital ward until he can drink enough out of a bottle to satisfy the doctors, and Abigail is home with me, She is still a pretty quiet baby except when she is hungry... then she grunts and fusses to get attention. now, we are working on nursing, which is a challenge...but Abbi seems to be catching on... now if we could just lose the nipple sheild, we'll be alright.

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Wow- that was quite the birth story. Yikes. You sure sound like a trooper. Thank the Lord you are ok. Congratulations on your 2 babies. I hope marcus is home with you soon!
Take care!
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Tue, 04-24-2007 - 2:55pm


I'm so sorry you had such a rough time. I'm glad your babies are doing well and I hope Marcus is home with you very soon. Please take care.

All the best,

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Wed, 04-25-2007 - 3:26pm
Congrats! Welcome Abigail & Marcus! I hope you and Marcus are feeling better soon. {hugs}

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