My Babies Girls are here!!!

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My Babies Girls are here!!!
Mon, 08-30-2010 - 6:46am

On Thursday morning at 6:30 I started having contractions by 7:20 I noticed they were timeable. I wasn't in a lot of pain but we live a ways away from the hospital so they said to come to L&D so I arrived there by 10ish. When I was checked I was 4cm. I was in labor and so they admitted me. I labored all on my own and both girls were delivered on Friday

34 weeks 5 days:
Mackenzie Lynn @ 5:34 Weight 5lbs 12oz 18 1/2 inches long

Maddison Renee @ 5:39 Weight 5lbs 4oz 17 1/4 inches long

Both the girls are in the NICU but doing AMAZING.. They don't have anything on them we are just working to make sure they get the green light on feeding and we should be out of there! Prayers they come home quickly and healthy would be great.

As for me I'm a total mess. The pain and trauma from delivery and the tubal I had after is unreal but it was all worth it. Once the dusts settles I will write there birth story. We're very tired with the NICU visits, the pumping, taking care of our 2 boys. I was released yesterday afternoon and we are staying in a hotel about a mile away from the hospital. I can't drive for 2 weeks so everyone is helping me get up to feed and care of the girls.

I will say, I never in a MILLION years thought I would go into labor on my own and it was totally different then I thought it would be. I hope everyone is doing great. I'll do my best to check in but until we get home life is crazy.

Mommy to 4 now!

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Mon, 08-30-2010 - 7:16am

congratulations! It sounds like the girls are doing fantastic. I'm so happy for you. Praying you start to feel better and wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Mon, 08-30-2010 - 12:28pm

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Mon, 08-30-2010 - 4:53pm
Congratulations Rebecca. Prayers that they come home quickly and to your healing. I look forward to reading your birth story and hopefully seeing pictures of your little beauties. :-)


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Mon, 08-30-2010 - 7:59pm
Congratulations Rebecca!!