My boys are here and home!

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My boys are here and home!
Thu, 07-05-2007 - 3:31pm

(Copied from my blog found at can be found on my myspace page as well for all those curious enough to take a peek!

Please join us in welcoming to the world…

Jackson Kendall Carter, born June 24, at 11:16 am. 4 lb 8 oz, 18 inches long

And his big brute of a brother….

Grady Cyrus Carter, born June 24, at 11:28 am. 5 lb 13 oz, 19 inches long

The birth story…

Saturday started out just the same as the days before- I was contracting, sporadically and exhausted. I'd pretty much resigned to the fact that these babies were going to eventually come out and if I continued to stress out about it, I'd just end up spending my remaining days depressed. Later in the afternoon I noticed the contractions getting stronger, longer and more painful. We cuddled up together and watched some baseball and I asked Clay to let me get a catnap in because I was pretty sure that later that night, we'd be having some babies.

I woke up about an hour and half later and we took the kids for a walk around the block. It started to lightly rain as we rounded the bend back to the house, sat on the porch watching the rain and read a book together. The girls went on inside and Clay and I tossed a ball back and forth while I waited on the contractions to get stronger and stronger. Finally… I called Holly and told her that I thought it was time to rock and roll. She was over about an hour later.

We finally roll into Miami Valley around 10pm or so that night and I calmly explained I was contracting just a few minutes apart. By this point, contractions that would have brought me to my knees weeks ago were merely uncomfortable annoyances. Shortly after, we are on the monitors and Jacksons heart rate has a rapid deceleration from the 200s (which is very high) down to the 100-110s. The doctor rushes in and says thar regardless of dilation, we are going to be admitted because Jackson was showing signs of distress.

Despite the heaviness of the situation we kept the mood light. Clay had an ongoing comedic banter with the doctor, promising to mulch his yard should he deliver these boys before the sun came up and I with the nurses offering bribes to deliver me in the parking lot after their shift was over. I labored for a few more hours until I finally decided that I needed the epidural. The nursing staff was fantastic- constantly coming to encourage change in positions to help Jackson descend down further. At 4:15 or so, the anesthesiologist came in to administer the magical drug that changed the course (for the better!) for the remainder of the labor and delivery.

I continued laboring and was able to get some sleep. Clay, thankful for the break passed out as well. I continued to wake up with weak contractions and just assumed they had turned the epidural down since I could feel my legs again and my contractions had slowed way down. 7am was shift change, and my new nurse came in and settled down. She literally never left us unless it was to get us something. I kept trying to wake Clay up as more and more doctors started to file in as Jackson continued showing signs of distress. I was on the verge of giving the OK for the c-section. I asked if I should walk around, and the nurse looked puzzled… how would I do that with an epidural in? I explained I could feel the numbness but most the feeling had returned since they turned it down. That's when I learned, they hadn't turned it down…. Something had become dislodged.

Quickly the anesthesiologist rushed in, adjusted things and gave me a giant bolus to numb me up quickly. I felt the coldness shoot through me and it literally made me vomit and within a few minutes I was completely numb from my bellybutton down. Moments later, I felt like I was suffocating. My heart rate sped way up and I urgently sat up gasping for air. By this time I'm yelling across the room for Clay to WAKE UP as I had been. He shot up just in time for the doctors to come in, hook me up to some oxygen and re- access the situation. By this time, I'd given up all hope of actually dilating past 7, or having these babies vaginally. Clay laid back down 5 minutes later and dozed off. By this time I was stressed out, annoyed that Clay was sleeping, and just ready for it all to be over. Then Jackson's heart rate dipped again and I felt a HUGE amount of pressure. The nurse rang an alarm and called for an all-hands on deck. Jacksons heart tones were in the low 70s. I cringed. Emergency c-section time… just then, my water broke.

Clay woke up to a room crowded full of doctors and nurses all urgently staring at a monitor trying to decide to rush me into the Operating Room… or wait it out. The pressure relieved, his heart rate retruned to normal and they didn't have to wait much longer. I felt the urge to push. They began prepping the Operating room for me to deliver in there, as it was next to the NICU and should a SINGLE complication occur, I'd be open fast and the babies out.

The next hour or so was a nightmare. Jackson was ready to come out and I had to resist the urge to push which was, believe it or not harder then I could have ever imagined. Clay changed into his nifty cute paper scrubs and joined me in the OR a few minutes later. It was FREEZING in the OR I was laying there under these huge heat lamps listening to oldies music blaring in the background with my business splayed out there for all the world to see. The room was full of personnel from every department, and some onlookers anxious to watch the birth of these two special little men. Problem- I was only dilated to 8. Finally after a few minutes of awkward silence, my nurse (and new best friend) leaned forward and urged me to gently push with the next contraction. I did… and dilated to 9. That was enough for them. It was on. Suddenly the room became alive with more people then I could count. The NICU door, which was connected to the OR was opened and the neonatal staff waited patiently in the doorway for these little guys to come on out.
Five strong pushes later, and out came tiny little Jackson Kendall Carter. He belted out a scream that rivaled that of a full term plumper twice his size. Immediately I knew his lungs were fantastic. They held him up for me to see for about 10 seconds, offered Clay to cut the cord and then whisked him through the doors of the NICU. His cord had been wrapped around his neck in two loose loops. I continued asking about him until a few minutes later when Grady's water had been broken, and he too had began to descend down. Just before I began to push, they let us know that Jack was doing great and he was all of a whopping mighty 4 pounds, 8 oz. Grady took 4-5 minutes of hardcore pushing to get out. Just as his head came out, the doctors erupted into fervent cheers to KEEP pushing… little did I know that Grady too had his cord wrapped around his neck, however his was tightly wound around his neck and cutting off oxygen.

Clay rushed into the NICU with both the boys as I laid there, crying joyfully, relieved they were out and made conversation with my OB who gently massaged my tummy to get the placenta down and delivered. No episiotomy, to ripping… no nothing. It was the first time I'd ever delivered without having to be all stitched up. I'd previously requested a 'husband stitch' to which now I was being told there was nothing to stitch! After the placenta was out, the OB and I inspected it together- It was totally fascinating. The side where Jackson had been was much veinier and dried up looking then the other fatter side where Grady was.

We'd eventually learn that the boys had survived what is called Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome and had they waited much longer, Grady could have been the only surviving twin. All those crazy heart rates we'd been experiencing for two weeks had all been Jacks way of trying to point out the distress. The ultrasound we'd had at Southview (to which no record was found for SOME reason…) that had last put them both in the 5-6 lb range and only 7 oz apart had not only been VERY wrong… but very misleading.

We are still here, where I expect we'll likely stay until Wednesday. The boys are doing fabulous- Grady's weight is holding steady, and the bruising in his face from the strangulation is slowly disappearing. Jack is holding steady now at 4 lb 6 oz at this point and looks like a little Mr.Magoo. We are hoping to get all the pictures uploaded sometime in the next 24 hours. My sister has the cord for the camera, and she has to work until 10 tonight… so it will depend on whether or not she's too tired or not to get the pics up before we get out of here.

(Ok UPDATE)- Boys are home! Everyones doing great. I ended up having a blood transfusion but I'm doing better now. I am having some issues with breastfeeding (trying to keep up!) and I've had to resort to mixing some breastmilk with a special care formula for preemies just a few times.

Brianna 12.02.03
Gracie 10.21.04
Noah 05.17.06
Jackson & Grady 06.24.07


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Wow, Thanks for the great story. I have a BIG lump and tears. I am so happy for you :).

thanks again,

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Congratulations!! What a story!?

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