My boys are here!!! (more)

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My boys are here!!! (more)
Tue, 07-18-2006 - 12:52am

Announcing the arrival, at 39 weeks exactly, on 15th July 2006, of Conal Owen and Zachary Michael. The story is as follows:

I went in to the hospital on Friday night for an induction, as I was considered to be a week over term. I was having some contractions on my own, but my cervix was still quite firm, so we decided to go ahead with the Cervidil to get things started. Nothing much changed, so I sent DH home to sleep. Woke at 5am with good contractions, every couple of minutes, but was very disppointed at 9.30am to be only 1cm!! I was in quite a lot of pain, so went into a bath for 90 minutes. When I got out, I was put back on the monitor and I was having contractions right on top of the other, but they weren't registering as very big (they FELT big, and I felt like a complete wimp!). By this time it was 12ish, and I had asked that they do an internal to see if I was making any progress. As this was a twin delivery, I knew I would have to get an epidural in case the second twin got stuck or flipped, but I needed to be 4cm before they would do that. They called the specialist and my private midwife, and they headed over, but before they arrived, I had a huge contraction, felt a pop and my waters broke all by themselves! That didn't happen in either of my previous labours. The specialist arrived about 3 minutes later, lucky, as I wanted to push. We got me hustled down to delivery suite all the while being told not to push, not to push, not to push!!! Can I say OW!!! I wasn't entirely rational at this stage, not realising that I was going through transition! I did manage to ring DH, who had just popped across the road to get some lunch. Luckily he made it back in time to see me get on the bed on my side, and twin 1's head crowning!!! The anaesthesiologist quickly put the epi in for the second baby, but it had no effect for either of them in the end, as they just came so quickly. Twin 1 was delivered in 2 pushes, and twin 2 came a few minutes later, as he was head down and just followed his brother, didn't need the epi at all. They beat the pediatrician, my sister and DH's mum, and the specialist delivered the first one and my midwife just made it there for the second! I had a tiny tear and needed a couple of stitches. Hard labour was about 8.5 hours long. So the stats were:

Conal Owen - 3.1kg (6lbs 13 ozs), 52 cm long (20.5"), 35.5cm head (13.5")
Zachary Michael - 3.4kg (7lbs 8 ozs), 52cm long (20.5"), 36cm head (14")

I am tandem breast feeding, reasonably successfully, and the boys are doing well. I am seriously sleep deprived, as Conal thinks that 1am-5am is party time, so I haven't had much sleep over the last few days, but the boys are roughly in a 3-hourly feeding routine, which didn't happen with my other babies for a lot longer. Long may it last! The older kids love the babies, but we only came home today, so they are about to learn what it will mean to their way of life! I'm really pleased to have had one of my labours be drug free, just ironic it was the one I planned to have the drugs in LOL.

Anyway, will keep posted on the progress, but I am happy to be a success story for going full term with twins! Oh, one of the placentas was beginning to calcify, but the other one was OK!


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Tue, 07-18-2006 - 9:54am

Congratulations on yojur babies boys!!!!
It sounded like the delivery went very well, I am glad they were both heads down and cooperating.
BF 2!! Looking forward to trying it:):)
Congarts again and enjoy!


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Tue, 07-18-2006 - 4:03pm

Lisa - What wonderful news - congratulations!! I'm sure it was a lot of hard work to get to 39 weeks - it's inspiring for me to hear these success stories. Hope all goes well in the weeks and months to come and keep us posted.



EDD 12/8/06 - twins!

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Tue, 07-18-2006 - 6:29pm

Welcome to the world Conol & Zachary! Congrats mom & dad!

Averill Rose & Lydia Grace 7/7

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Wed, 07-19-2006 - 12:37am

Congrats Lisa and welcome to the world Conal and Zachary.

You did a wonderful job!!

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Wed, 07-19-2006 - 4:45pm
WOW, that is a GREAT BIRTH STORY!!!! I hope to be like you ; ) Congrats, and I hope the next few weeks go well!!!
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Fri, 07-21-2006 - 3:07pm

Congratulations!!! What a great birth give me hope, as I am being induced next week and will try for a vaginal delivery as well. I'm so glad everything went well for you!


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Sun, 07-23-2006 - 3:41pm

Congratulations, Lisa! It's great to hear that you made it so far and that both boys were so big and healthy. Can't wait to see pictures!

:) Dana

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Sat, 07-29-2006 - 11:10am

Lisa, how are you doing now? It's such an awesome birth story! I hope the sleep is getting better or at the very least you're healing and feeling better after the deliveries! I'll see you on the first years board in a few weeks hopefully.... I'm due to be induced on Aug 3rd.... they were both head down for weeks but baby B (who happens to be smaller) is now breech --- so may be difficult or require a C-section. I'm so excited to join your side... Best of luck in the coming weeks Lisa!

Kera (twins, being induced Aug 3)

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