My girls arrived very quickly!

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My girls arrived very quickly!
Mon, 01-29-2007 - 10:23pm

Born at 35.5 weeks - January 20, 2007
Baby A - Emmeline Margaret, born 2:22pm, 5.04 lbs, 18.3/4 inches long
Baby B - Vivienne Charlotte, born 2:35pm, 5.13 lbs, 19 inches long

Both girls went to the regular nursery and were discharged with me 49 hours after the delivery. :)

I'm trying to get the story down with details but not so long you want to fall asleep. Watch out, birth stories get to have TMI. ;)

A vaginal delivery is possible with twins. Here is mine.

I guess my body was really just ready to go after all the time contracting. When the lady came to get the information for the birth certificates I found out it was a "precipitous labor." When I give myself the benefit of the doubt there was maybe 2 hours and 35 minutes of labor. When I really thought that something might be going on and I started getting keeping track of contractions there was a less than 2 hours from then to the birth of Emmeline.

Admission time to the hospital was 1:54pm. I wondered how in the world DH knew this but he heard one of the nurses mention it. lol. When I was checked I was 9 cm and baby A was down pretty low. They call my OB. It was good looking one I had already seen so much of this pregnancy! A contraction comes along and I just have to push. My body is already doing it. I tell them it feels like the baby's head it right there. Yep, they lift the sheet. The bag of water is bulging and you could see baby's head. The nurse had already started asking me the questions needed for anaesthesia and the other paper work. But that's stopped and off I go on the bed to the OR, that whole "just in case" thing. They call back the doc and tell him we're off the OR.

I get to leave behind my mom and MIL in the L&D room! MIL was driving me crazy for the couple of minutes she was there. DH gets his scrubs on fast. I'm on the operating table waiting. Man, it's narrow. I'm thinking that I'm glad I'm not really large. I get a contraction where I just have to push. The water breaks and out comes baby A's head. That wasn't exactly pleasent to have my water break that way. Another push and out comes the rest of the body. Emmeline has the cord around her neck but the nurse just slips a finger under it and Emmeline starts crying right away. The nurses delivered Emmy. They take her to another part of the room with the stuff to weigh her, etc. There are people coming in the room. People to help I guess.

I get checked again and the nurse tells me baby B is ready. I make sure she means head down and baby B is head down. I'm in no hurry to push. I figure I'll just keep holding on as much as I can while waiting for my doctor. He gets there and he was already on his way when he got the second phone call. He must have been close by because he really did get there fast. I'm still just waiting. Doc breaks the water on the baby B. This feels good. lol. It let off some pressure. I don't feel like pushing. Finally some stirrups are put on the table and I'm asked to push. That was not fun. Nurse holding a leg, DH holding the other leg while video taping with the digital camera. (regular video camera broken) There's counting and coaching on how to push. I'm trying to kick the nurse off my leg and wanting to shout that I pushed the other baby out just fine. Let me do it myself! LOL. I get the signal to stop pushing and my body is ready so *I* push. The nurse is telling me to stop but doc just asks me if I want to push so I just nod yes and keep going. Baby B's head comes out. Doctor does some kind of pushing on the perineum that takes that makes things feel pleasant almost. Another push undirected! by me and Vivienne is born.

That last part of the story was neat because DH recorded the directed pushing and when Vivi arrived. Watching my face was neat. When I was pushing when I wanted to, there was a look of almost peace.

I did have a tear from Baby A being born that was stitched up. I was also given a shot of pitocin to help my uterus contract back. I did have an IV put in after the delivery but it was never used. My doctor wasn't even going to have me get one. It was the nurses who were so nervous and wanted one in. That was an interesting dialogue to hear between the two of them.

If anyone was wondering I did have an unmedicated vaginal birth with my DD by choice. The labor wasn't really fast like this one.


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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 12:55am

Wow Vista..congrats!


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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 10:49am

Congrats on your babies and great delivery!!Would you mind terribly to post this on the unmed birth board?I know there is a twin mom over there who was asking about it a couple of weeks ago??Just cut and paste to make it easier...It is so great to hear that twins moms CAN deliver vaginally AND naturally...

Hope you are getting a little rest...take care!!

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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 11:03am

Congratulations Vista on the arrival of your sweet twin girls!! They are beautiful and your birth story is amazing...

Enjoy every moment...

Lauren :)
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Tue, 01-30-2007 - 1:29pm

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Thu, 02-01-2007 - 5:15pm


They are beautiful, and I think that is great the way you listened to your body and did what was best for you.

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Sun, 02-04-2007 - 6:11am

Congratulations on the birth of your twin girls!! What an amazing birth story too - I'm glad to hear you had the birth that you wanted.



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Tue, 02-06-2007 - 11:44pm
Congratulations on your two beautiful girls!! Your story was very encouraging and inspiring! I also had my daughter naturally, and am really hoping I'll be able to do the same with my twins. All this c-section talk just scares me!!!
Thanks for sharing your story!