my Oct. babies are here

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my Oct. babies are here
Wed, 08-09-2006 - 1:51pm


I havn't posted in a long time but I have been in hosptial for a long time. My Boys arrived Aug 4, I was 28 weeks 4 days. Robbie was 2.15 lbs and J.T. 1.11.lbs 39 and 36 cm in length. My water broke on Aug 1. I was given steriods and both boys were mircleously born breathing. They are in ICU and will be there for a long time but boyh are reamainong stable. J.T had stopped growing at 24 weeks, his placentia had come particially detached, He is definaly a mircle when I had the c-section the doctors had prepared me for him to be a still born and that could have caused Robbie's life to be treatened as well, but they are both here and doing so well.

I feel so very very lucky. I just wanted to share.

All the best to you all

Robert JAmes Baker 08/04/06
John Thomas Carter 08/04/06

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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 4:31pm

Congratulations. I wish the very best for you and your boys. Hope they grow fast and get to come home as soon as possible.

Averill & Lydia 7.7.06

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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 4:39pm

Congrats on your baby boys.
I am sending tins of P&PT for their quick recovery.
i hope you feel well.
Grow babies, grow!!!!!


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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 6:37pm

Sonya -

Congratulations on the birth of your miracle babies! It sounds like JT is truly your miracle. I know

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Thu, 08-10-2006 - 3:03pm

Sonya, congrats on the births of Robert and John.

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Sat, 08-12-2006 - 1:23am

WOW, that is amazing and I am glad to hear they are doing well now. I guess we have to weigh the negative with the positive. It must be easier to cope with babies in the NICU than to cope with having lost one of them. I am glad to hear they are doing well, and I can't wait to hear that you get to take them home.