Our twins are here at 34w6d!!!

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Our twins are here at 34w6d!!!
Thu, 12-28-2006 - 5:39pm

Daniel Anthony 5lbs 10 oz, 19.5" born 12-26 at 1:03 am
Ella Sophie 5lbs 1 oz, 19" born 12-26 at 1:03 am

Here is our birth story:
I started light bleeding and contractions on 12-24 early morning. I checked in L&D but the xtractions subsided so I was sent home.
On X mas 12-25 my water broke and thecontractions started building very fast. We went ASAP to L&D, the xctions were 1-2 min apart and very strong. I was going to be c/s but had to wait for blood work before getting the epidural in the spine. Very painful 1h. Then the anesthesiologist started with the epidural. After 15-20 shots in the spine he gave up and decided to go with general anesthesia. That was a major surgery and i coould not see the babies when they were born. Waking up was also a very painful experience.
However it was all worth it!
My babies are so precious and cute and adorable!
The boy was a trooper from the begging and did not need nay NICU time. He is just eating and sleeping all day long.
The girl had some trouble breeding in the first hours. X ray showed some fluid in her lungs. She was put on 30% increased oxygen for a day. The 2nd day she was breathing on her own. She was taking IV fluids. Yesteday we started giving her milk+formula and she is eating well. We bumped the food today a little and she seems to eat very well. If all gos well tomorrow she might be off the IV!!!
We hope to take both babies before New year home. Daniel is coming home with me on Saturday, we hope Ella makes it this year home.
I am overwhelmed ans so happy!

Ella: http://vessalex.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=7128



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Thu, 12-28-2006 - 6:29pm
Congratulations on your beautiful babies. I love the little knitted hat.
Tammy P.
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Thu, 12-28-2006 - 9:18pm



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Thu, 12-28-2006 - 9:31pm

Congrats Vess!!!!

I'm so glad they stayed in as long as they did and that they are doing well!!! They are both beautiful!!! I hope they both come home soon!!!

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Thu, 12-28-2006 - 10:49pm

Congratulations!!!!! They are beautiful. (Daniel and Ella are both on our list of possible names---I love them!).

Expecting twins 5/4/07


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Fri, 12-29-2006 - 11:18am

Congratulations Vess!!!!


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Fri, 12-29-2006 - 11:42am
Awww - they're beautiful!! CONGRATS, mama! WELCOME Daniel & Ella!! :)
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Fri, 12-29-2006 - 1:14pm

Vess, Congrats! adn welcome to the world Daniel and Ella.

I hope everyone is home together soon! they are so adorable.

Take Care

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Mon, 01-01-2007 - 10:08pm

Congratulations on your twins! I'm so glad everything went well and that they are healthy!!

(((hugs))) and welcome to the world little ones!


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Tue, 01-02-2007 - 9:30pm

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Tue, 01-09-2007 - 8:50pm
Very cute, and I love the name Ella!

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