Preston & Wyatt have arrived

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Preston & Wyatt have arrived
Tue, 01-09-2007 - 3:32pm

I went into labor on December 30 at around 5pm. We went into the hospital just so the doc could tell us he thought it was false labor and that he was sending us home. I told him I would not go home unless he stopped my contractions or I had these babies!! He said I could stay the night to be monitored but that he would probably send me home in the morning. My contractions continued to get stronger and closer together so the doc finally realized these babies were coming. Since I had one breech and one transverse I knew I had to have a csection so at about 5am the doc came in and said that I would be having my csection at 7:30am.

So the boys were born at 8:02am and 8:03am on December 31 at a little over 35 weeks. Preston was born first and weighed 5lbs 14oz and then Wyatt came weighing 6lbs 2oz. They spent 5 days in the NICU just because they were early and needed to be monitored. They are both doing great and we are so excited to have them with us!!!

#4 & #5 Twin Boys Preston and Wyatt due Jan. 31 but born Dec 31!!!

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Tue, 01-09-2007 - 4:57pm

OMGosh they are SOOOO cute!!!!


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Tue, 01-09-2007 - 6:18pm
oh my gosh...they are so cute!!!
what sweet little boys or should i say what sweet big boys. you did a great job growing those babies, you must have been so ready to deliver...that was over 11 pounds just in babies alone. i am always amazed by our bodies and so funny that the doctor thought for sure you would be heading home in the morning BUT you knew your body and knew those babies were coming. great job trusting that motherly instinct. congrats on your new bundles!
-kelly :o)
momma to vincent 8/7/05 and b/g twins edd 3/12/07


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Tue, 01-09-2007 - 8:43pm
How cute!

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