Quadruplet Birth Story(long overdue!!!)

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Quadruplet Birth Story(long overdue!!!)
Sun, 07-29-2007 - 6:02pm

I just realized that I never posted my surro babies birth story. I found this in my Drafts folder. Better late than never??? Here is Abraham, Azariah, Jeremiah, and Kristianna's birth story!

The quads birth day, May 17th 2007, began with an ultrasound to check on the littlest guy, Azariah's, condition because of the TTTS(twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome). He did not move or make any breathing motions for a full half hour. The perintologist decided it was time for an emergency cesarean delivery for Azariah's sake. Right as I was about to be prepped for surgery Azariah moved and hiccuped and the doctor called off the delivery. With the emergency over Deborah(babie's mom) decided to go ahead with her plans for the evening and pick up the trailer that she and her family would stay in at the hospital so they could be close by for the birth and the babies during their NICU stay. The rest of the family was due to arrive on Sunday, May 20th. I was relieved that the babies would have a little more time to bake! Throughout the day my contractions(painless) increased in intensity but were so spread out it was'nt believed by my doctor that they were doing anything. I just had a feeling that the contractions were indeed doing something so the doctor finally came in and checked at around 5 PM and found I was dialated to six. The doctor scheduled our cesarean to start between 6:15-6:30 PM. We were hoping to get enough time to allow my IM, Deborah, to get back to the hospital before the delivery. It was rush hour so it did'nt look too good for her! Two friends from SMO, Melissa and Tara, ran down to the hospital to be with me since it did not look hopeful that anyone else would make it. I was rolled into OR at 6:30 PM and was positioned on the operating table as the doctors made their final preparations. It was none to soon as the contractions were becoming very intense and were accompanied by a lot of pelvic pressure. I was given a spinal(I had a hard time curling forward over my huge belly far enough for them to administer it) and then they let the SMO gals in. My husband arrived and had just enough time to change and wash in so he could trade places with one of the girls. We are still awaiting those speeding tickets in the mail!LOL The doctor made her incisions and Abraham was pulled out into the world at 6:55 PM with a good cry. His brother, Azariah, followed silently at 6:56. I could not see him as the nurse rushed past me with a very small blanketed bundle. The look on her face was none too assuring! All the babies were to be taken to an adjoining room as there was not enough room in the OR for that many special care preemies and their accompanying neonatologists, respitory therapists, and special care nurses. The doctors were having a hard time getting to the other two babies who were very high up and partially under my ribcage. Finally they got a hold of Kristianna and she made her debut at 6:58 PM. My husband asked if it was another boy and baby Anna promptly appeared to stick her tongue out at him. The doctors were getting a little more desperate since the delivery of the last two babies was taking longer than expected and I was bleeding excessively. It felt like the doctors were practically on top of me as they pushed downward on my ribcage trying to pry Jeremiah loose. Finally they caught hold of him and he made his appearance at 7 PM. I did'nt get a good glimpse of last two babies other than a patch of dark hair peeking from a blanket as they were wisked past. The doctors quickly worked to stop the bleeding and make repairs on my understandably overextended uterus. They had it out on my belly and were talking to my husband about what they were doing. I tryed my hardest not to picture it but I could'nt help feeling a bit like a frog in a biology lab!LOL Brahm's Lullaby flooded the hallways as it was the hospital's tradition to play it for each baby born there. As the repairs were being made Deb arrived and came in for a quick check and kiss on my cheek before heading down the hall to be with her babies. I spent a couple hours in the recovery room where I learned the babies had been stabilized and was told their weights. They were from smallest to biggest: 1 lb. 4 oz.(little Azariah), 2 lbs. 5 oz.(Jeremiah), 2 lbs. 9oz.(Abraham), and 2 lbs. 11 oz(Kristianna). The doctor came in to discuss the birth and told me that if the pregnancy had continued any longer little Azariah would not have made it. I was also told that with the condition they found him in he would not have been able to survive the natural birthing process. She also said it was nothing less than a miracle that I had made it that far along with a quadruplet pregnancy that was also affected by TTTS. Of course I wanted to be able to carry the babies a bit longer but hearing that made their rudely early birth seem better. Deborah came into the recovery room for a quick and teary thank-you before returning to NICU. After finishing my torture sessions(uterine massage) I was taken back to my hospital room. My husband took pictures of the babies and came in to show me as I was unable to get down to NICU myself. The next day after several painful practice sessions of walking with nurses hovering around(I had lost so much blood they feared I would pass out) I managed to shuffle down to NICU for a personal visit. Deborah, took me to each of their bedsides and introduced each of her babies to me. I was a bit shocked at how small and fragile they trully were especially little Azariah. I prayed silently over each precious little baby, as I had done many times before while they were in my womb, thanking God for their safe delivery and asking Him to help them grow strong and healthy and most importantly that they would grow up to have a close and personal relationship with Him! Thank you all for your prayers throughout this pregnancy and your continued prayers as the babies grow stronger and healthier! And please pray for the guidance of their parents as they raise these precious children to know their heavenly father!!! Many thanks!

Robin ~ mom of five wonderful children and honorary aunt to my four surrobabies

To learn more about Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome you may visit tttsfoundation.org

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Sun, 07-29-2007 - 6:36pm

Robin -

Thank you for sharing this story! How are the babies doing now?


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Wed, 08-15-2007 - 1:32pm
You did what so many are not willing to do.

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