Tessa and Katie are here!!

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Tessa and Katie are here!!
Fri, 11-09-2007 - 6:41pm

Tessa Clara and Katie


Matthew 11/20/04

Christina 11/21/06

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Fri, 11-09-2007 - 9:03pm

Yay jenny!

I'm so happy to see your news.

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Fri, 11-09-2007 - 11:45pm


I'm glad everyone are doing well, those were awsome weights!


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Sat, 11-10-2007 - 9:55am
Wow Jenny, those are awesome birth weights! You did so good and I hope that you are recovering nicely. Take care of yourself and those babies. Congratulations!


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Sat, 11-10-2007 - 2:39pm
Great Job Jenny!!!! How awesome are you!?!


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Sun, 11-11-2007 - 3:17pm
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Thu, 11-15-2007 - 12:33pm
Congratulations and welcome babies Tessa and Katie. They are both great sizes, how wonderful. I'm sure they're adorable, can't wait to see pictures.
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Sat, 11-17-2007 - 2:53pm
Congrats! Yeah for girls!!!!!


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