There here..... Orion and Skylar

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There here..... Orion and Skylar
Thu, 06-01-2006 - 8:19pm

Hi Guys,

As I said there here..... making a lot of noise so you can't miss them!

Anyways, here is the story of labor. IT is was not very eventful he got there at 5:30 am. for the c- section got hooked up to the montior, in which they could not find either babies hb for a while. I knew everything was OK becuase I could feel them kick. They got out the US machince and still could not get Skylar H/b They said ti was becuase she was sunny side up. and if they wanted a hb of her they would have to hook it up to my butt!
Anyways, they took me in, which is really when it got wierd for me, I have never been in an OR with out some kind of drug, so it was wierd to see all the "stuff". The anistealisgts ( sp?) was great, he walked me though what was going on, and my DH watched the whole thing. Even though he said he wouldn't. Skylar was born at 7:53 and was 7.5 oz 18 1/2 in long and Orion was born at 7:54 and was 5.13 oz and 17 3/4 long. Skylar did not cry at first, but when she started she did not stop. Orion was crying like a champ. They ( the doc) could not beleive how big she was. and to have a another full size baby was pretty crazy. They spend a few hours in the Nicu becuase they were called near- term babies and they wanted to check out there breathing and blood sugars, but other than that, they were with us the whole time. I felt great after the c- section and have had no problems with recovery. In fact, I feel better now then I have in the last month, so I have been doing everything, since day one. I was bummed that they wouldn't let me take a shower that day, becuase I felt so slimmy and gross. But since they let me do that I have not stopped going. I do listen to my body, and make sure that I rest, when I am tired, but I really havent' taken any drugs. Again for me I was in so much pain being PG that a cut in the tummy was nothing!

Anyways, I stayed for 3 days, and after seeing my DD realized that it was time to go home. So we went home, rented a BF pump on the way, and started the crazyness of twins. We are doing pretty good with the BFing. At first the doc said no BF, to pump, but becuase they lost so much wieght in the first 24 hours, they wanted them to bottle feed for a bit. They were not doing to well at the boob. But as of Tues we got the thumbs up to do the boob again, so we are working on it. I have decided to do bottles twice a day, just for my own peace, but other than that we are working on pure BFing. It is not that bad, I just wish they were better eaters, and launcher, but I guess that comes with time.

Well I better go, I tell ya, I have no idea what I do all day, but I can tell you it never stops and at the end of the day, I drop.
I will be watching for everyone esle birth storys, happy and Healthy ones to you all!


Ps I have lost almost 30 lbs already!!!!

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 2:52am

Hey Erin,

I posted up top and we had our babies on the same day within an hour of each other! I've got a horrible case of mastitis right now and had to start pumping that side and giving them a bottle as they couldn't latch on. They've already gained their weight back and now exceed their birthweight. The smaller twin, Brett, now weighs 1/2 oz. more than his brother. They are doing well bf'ing other than my darn swollen breast. I hated giving them a bottle, but it does provide a moments sanity to let someone else feed once and awhile.

I've lost about 30 lbs., too. I just have a little poochy belly at the bottom. Maternity clothes are too big (hallelujah) and my regular clothes don't quite fit. I think it's the bf'ing that is helping that. It is crazy at times, isn't it? My pediatrician said things will calm down around 6-8 weeks. I don't want them to hurry and grow up though. I'm glad to hear you're doing well and now to hear from Candace!!!!


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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 10:50am

Congrats!!!! Sounds like you are doing great!!!!!

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 4:00pm

Congrats Erins! WElcome Orion & Skylar!

30w 1d g/g twins

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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 12:23am

Congrats Erin, and welcome to the world Orion and Skylar....

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