They're here! Here's our story:

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They're here! Here's our story:
Wed, 06-07-2006 - 5:33pm

On May 11th, I got admitted to the hospital for what the doc thought were signs of pre-term labor. I was getting a lot of contractions but not dilating but was still put on Magnesium Sulfate for about a week and Terbutaline shots whenever I would get more than 10 contractions an hour. Had one day of false alarm where they got me almost prepped to possibly deliver that day but thank God that I didn't!

Made it to 32w4d and was delivered because I was heading towards pre-eclampsia. My BP wasn't that high but they found protein in my urine and that was the deciding factor. The C-section went well although I spent the afternoon and night throwing up afterwards. I got sent home 3 days after the birth and the babies stayed in NICU. Here are their stats:

Amanda Christine 3.8 lbs 15.25 in. born at 2:37 pm
Ryan Alexander 3.14 lbs. 16.5 in. born at 2:38 pm
Nicholas Jacob 3.10 lbs. 16.5 in. born at 2:39 pm

They all had to be intubated for a few days due to lung immaturity and was given surfactant to aid in maturing their lungs. Then they progressed to being on a CPAP machine for a few days and now they're all on nasal cannulas. They also got some medication to help close the PDA in their hearts and they all responded well. They've also been transferred to NICU B which is like a step-down unit. They're getting fed some breastmilk through a tube in their mouths. Amanda's tolerating that pretty well with the aid of Reglan to help her digest. Ryan and Nicholas were doing well for the first few days but were getting some residuals with the feedings so they're now on a lactose-free formula for a few days. Ryan has mild anemia so they're givng him some iron supplements. Both boys are still having chest retractions but they are being monitored closely. X-rays were negative.

DH and I got to hold Amanda and Ryan last night and I can't tell you what a joy that was! We're looking forward to holding Nicholas tomorrow!

Having to move around after a c-section and go to the hospital as much as possible was tough but thank God for pain meds! LOL! We're also getting settled in our new house and it's been a slow process since I can't do much yet and DH went back to work. Hopefully, we'll have everything ready by the time they come home!

So that's what's going on with us. Thanks for all your support throughout all this! Have a great day!


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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 7:36pm

Michelle -

Congratulations on the arrival of your babies! I hope that they will be able to come home soon. I was just thinking about you yesterday and I tried to post a message on another board, but it didn't get posted right. I think that some of our old messages got lost in cyberspace with the reorganzation on the other board.

You're always welcome to join us on the First Year Multiples board. We have several ladies who delivered early. Also let me or other MOMs know how we can help you out. We'll also understand why you don't have any time when the babies are all at home:)

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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 11:34pm

Michelle, congrats on the birth of your triplets ... you did a wonderful job and I am glad they are doing so well.

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Fri, 06-09-2006 - 2:30pm
From one triplet mom to another CONGRATS!! I am glad they are doing so well and I hope they come home soon. Make sure to take care of yourself while there in the NICU and don't overdo it because your gonna be BUSY when they come home. I hope their stay is short and I can't wait to see pictures. Once you get back to where your getting online more often I'll give you a link to the triplet club alot of the triplet moms from here have joined there are about 50 triplet moms and dads with babies and kids of all ages even some with older kids then triplets so I think it'll help you out ALOT I know they have me!
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Fri, 06-09-2006 - 8:35pm

Congratulations!!!!Well done!!! Wow, it is so amazing! 3 of them:):):)
I am glad you all are doing well.


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Thu, 06-15-2006 - 1:00am

Wow Michelle,
Congrats on the babies. I am glad to hear you were able to carry them a few more days. When they are early, every day counts! I hope every thing goes smoothly, and you are able to take home your little bundles of joy soon.