Twin Boys are HERE!

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Twin Boys are HERE!
Mon, 12-27-2010 - 2:44pm

Colby Thomas and Weston Andrew arrived just after midnight 12-18-10. I was dilated to 5cm with no painful contractions (the uncomfortbalness trumped the pain, apparently). That evening I had consistent contractions, no pain. I called my dr and she said go on in to triage. I was relieved because I knew they "shouldn't" send me away at 5cm even without heavy contrax. I got there and was 6cm! OB said to get my epidural because she anticipated fast labor after she arrived to break my water. I got an IV and then the epi. I was really really afraid of the epi this time because I have never had one when I wasn't in excruciating pain. ( I usually wait until the last minute to ask for one). I really contemplating not getting one at all since I wasn't in pain but since it was twins and she may have to turn one or c-sec baby b, I decided to get it. THANK GOODNESS I DID! 2 hours after epi, I was at 10cm and O.R. was taken by someone else. They made me wait a full hour to deliver since twins are done in the O.R. only. My boys would have had 2 different birthdays if it hadn't been taken. Baby A, Weston was out in 2 pushes at 12:33am. 6 pounds 8 oz. Next baby took for ev er to get out. SUPER super embarassing, they made me move all over the table to try to get him out and I thought I was going to pop every organ in my body pushing so hard. One hour later baby B, Colby came out in the sac and face up. He was 6 pounds 5 oz. I had to seriously keep reminding myself that I will never see those nurses again in order to make myself push and move around like that.

Babies are very healthy, just a little jaundiced now. Breast feeding and supplementing. They do both perfectly well. Recovery has been a beyatch. I guess it's from the hour of pushing, eh? I had to get a cath to pee, because I was so swollen. Like, unbelievably swollen. My poor girl parts. I about died when I took a shower. They kept me an extra day in the hospital and I am on lots of pain meds. No stitches though!

We are tired but in love. =)

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 4:06pm

Congratulations Laura!

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 6:40pm

Congrats Laura!
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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 9:05pm
Congratualtuons Laura!