twins are here but in NICU

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twins are here but in NICU
Tue, 08-08-2006 - 3:10am

yes the babies are here!!! I came home yesterday (after nearly 4 weeks up in the hospital) but the babies are still in the baby clinic. Chloe Elise and Zoe Alyssa were born on July 28th at 8.18am. They had to go straight away to the clinic as both had low blood sugar and Chloe was a couple of degrees cold..she weighed in at 5 pounds. Zoe also had low blood sugar and only weighed 3 pounds 8 oz - which shocked me and the doctors......they are both doing great now. Zoe was up to 3 pounds 12 yesterday and is feeding very, very is Chloe.

Chloe is probably coming home towards the end of the week - all she has to do now is maintain her temperature - which she has been doing well so far. Zoe just has to gain more weight - and will probably come home towards the end of next week.

They both are super healthy - just small........and they both look like daddy!!!!!!!

I've attached some pics of them for you...

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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 8:44am
Congrats!!!! They are both adorable!!! How many weeks were you when they were born?
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Tue, 08-08-2006 - 10:33am

Melissa, congrats on the birth of Chloe and Zoe.

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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 12:34pm
Melissa - Congratulations!! I was wondering how you were doing, so far away. The babies are gorgeous - I'm sure you will be excited to have them home. Please keep us posted on how things go. Best of luck!


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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 4:29pm

Congrats again Melissa! Hope they come home soon!

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Wed, 08-09-2006 - 6:25pm

Melissa -

Congratulations on the arrival of your babies. How far along were you? If you have a chance, please share the babies birth story here before they come home. You won't have much time when they are both at home - even though I know you are staying busying going from home to the hospital to visit them.

Also, please come over to the first year multiples board and introduce yourself. Just click on my siggy below.

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Thu, 08-10-2006 - 10:24am


Congratulations!! I'm so glad they are healthy, and I hope they come home wtih you soon. They're beautiful!!


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Fri, 08-11-2006 - 5:46pm
Oh Melissa! They are just gorgeous!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS-- you made it! I did too... birth story to follow shortly. We both have our girls (I had GIRLS!!) Kisses to the babies and I'll be sending weight gain and temp vibes their way. wow wow, wonderful news, I've been thinking of you over there, Kera

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Tue, 08-15-2006 - 10:28am

I've been thinking about you, Melissa. It's good to hear that you are finally home! I hope the girls will be home with you very, very soon! ::hugs::

:) Dana