20 Week OB Appointment

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20 Week OB Appointment
Mon, 08-22-2011 - 11:32pm

The appointment today went well. Two heart beats, although my doctor thought it was hilarious to tell me there were 3. I wasn't even phased, I have so many u/s and had several doctors intensely search for a 3rd baby, and I KNOW there are only two in there.

I gained 7 lbs!! So now I am ONE pound up from my pre pregnancy weight!! It only took 5 months! I never think I throw up so much until I see how I CAN'T gain weight while pregnant. To me it's starting to become a normal part of pregnancy, if not a really annoying part.

I don't see my OB again for another month unless issues arise, but I see my MFM this coming Monday, my birthday, for an extensive u/s. It should last about 2 hours because they have to check all the organs in BOTH babies, and with just my son last time the 20 week ultrasound was 45 minutes. So it sounds like a really good birthday present to me!

I also had my suspicions confirmed, Elaine's placenta has moved in between her and me so she is kicking the heck out of it, but I am feeling nothing. It's very relieving to know that's why I suddenly stopped feeling her kicks.

The further I get into this pregnancy the more hope I have that I will have a good outcome. I know most issues with twins actually come AFTER 24 weeks, but for now I am trying to think positive.

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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 10:33am
It sounds like you had a great appt! It sucks you can't feel Elaine but at least there's a reason and both she and her brother are healthy. All of my major u/s are scheduled in a 3 hour block with most lasting just over 2 hours...not good on my back! I'm glad you're feeling good and hole everything continues on just wonderfully!
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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 12:52pm
Thinking positive can only do you good, but negative thoughts can do real harm. Congratulations on 20 weeks and finally gaining some weight. :-)

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 1:30am

Nice job on the weight gain Amy! You're over halfway there, soooo excited for you!