Are you going to buy a breast pump?

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Are you going to buy a breast pump?
Thu, 09-24-2009 - 4:43pm

I can't decide whether to buy one or not. With dd we rented one but as soon as I started pumping my milk dried up! I want to try to breast feed and possibly supplement with formula, so I don't know whether a breast pump would be worth the expense. If I'm nursing most of the time when would I pump?? I just wish they weren't so expensive then it wouldn't be such a big deal to buy one as opposed to renting one.

Just wondering what everyone else is planning to do!


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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 6:15pm

I have my own pump from my older is good to have even if you are SAHM - because then at least some of the time you can have somebody else do a feeding. This allows you to go out ALONE (gasp) with your husband or your friends while you are still nursing. For example - I was in a bridal party a few months after I had my I pumped up a good supply in advance of the wedding, and then it wasn't a big deal when I had to be gone for a whole REALLY long day. It was great. I think it will be even more awesome for twins...because I am planning to have my husband do one of the night feedings this time around so that I can count on one decent block of sleep each night.

I hope that this helps...

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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 7:27pm

I would try a rental and see how things go first. In the long run, the expense of a pump versus the expense of formula...I think the pump comes out way ahead.

That said I've never pumped (I've never bought formula either) so I don't have any advice about it, but there's a great pumping board here. Let me know if you'd like the link. :-)

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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 7:41pm
I plan on renting one first. If I find myself using it often enough, then I will purchase a nice one. I don't want to waste my money if I am not going to use it much.




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Thu, 09-24-2009 - 9:26pm
I plan on buying a good one this time with my DD I got one of the cheep ones and it only lasted a few months.. I'm at SAHM but I produced ALOT of milk so i used the pump and saved it. that turned out good because after 7 months she wanted bottle instead so i fed her my milk out of bottles until my pump broke and we just went to formula. I'm really going to try and go a year with the twins. I don't want to have to buy the formula all the time its expensive I'd rather just buy a good pump.