Feeling like passing out?

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Feeling like passing out?
Fri, 10-23-2009 - 3:07pm
Has anyone else had this feeling? Like you'd better go sit down NOW or you're going to pass out? I even had that faint ringing in my ears - that sound that gets louder when you really will pass out very soon. I sat down, ate a sandwich and it improved. I called my ob's office and told them the situation and they don't currently sound overly concerned since it did get better when I sat down and ate. Sounds like it could have been caused by one or more of several factors. My next appt is Wed so I haven't been in to see them for almost 4 wks now. It was kinda scary - feeling that way while being pregnant and caring for my 2 toddlers too. The past couple of days I've frequently felt the need to sit down but today was the worst so far, coming with that ringing noise and all.
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Sun, 10-25-2009 - 3:46pm
I had that A LOT with my ODD's pregnancy. I'm normally hypoglycemic with low blood pressure, so when I started into GD and pre-e I was sick sick sick. One day I dragged my dog into the house by his ears and barely made it to the entry way before I laid down on the tile because I was afraid if I didn't lay down I was going to pass out. I nearly did. Poor Nikko, the things he put up with back then. :-(

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Sun, 10-25-2009 - 4:04pm
I get it too but uselly in the morning I eat take my prenatal and an hour later i'm fine for the rest of the day.. I would have your dr. check for low iron.. When I went in for my blood work she found i was a little low.. so She thinks that's what was causing it..

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Sun, 10-25-2009 - 5:10pm

I almost passed out two weeks ago. Ringing in the ears, sweating like crazy, felt like I might throw up... I lied down, breathed, drank water carefully, ate something, and it eventually passed, but it was scary.

I had a blood test today, and it shows I'm anemic. So that may be it... could be the problem you're having, too. For sure talk to your doc about it next time you see them, and be sure to rest enough and not push yourself! I had pushed myself too hard two weeks ago, and I think that's why I almost passed out.


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