I can SEE them kicking now!

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I can SEE them kicking now!
Mon, 10-05-2009 - 11:59am

This is so cool, both babies kick and the kicks are so strong I can see it! I love it! With my dd I wasn't able to see movements until 7 months are so. This whole journey is so amazing, I love these babies so much and can't wait to get my hands on them!!!!


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Mon, 10-05-2009 - 1:10pm
Oh that is so exciting!! I can't wait to feel this little monkeys moving around!!
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Mon, 10-05-2009 - 1:11pm

Woohoo, what fun! :) Mine kick me down below most, so I don't think I could see much, and I don't think mine kick THAT hard yet... I'm so jealous!

Very cool :)

And I know what you mean about having no patience for waiting to hold them... I want these babies to stay in there and "cook" well, if you know what I mean, but at the same time, I'm SO eager to see them and hold them. :)


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