Kind of concerned w/ itching

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Kind of concerned w/ itching
Sat, 09-26-2009 - 10:43pm

I've been having itching in my feet and legs the last few weeks and just figured it was from increased blood flow but now I hear this is a symptom of some condition (can't remember the name, it starts with a C) that effects women carrying twins and has to do with your liver. Apparently it doesn't effect the mother's health that much but can be serious for the babies, resulting in early delivery or still born! I hope to God this isn't what is causing this, I plan to ask the doctor at my next appointment, they can do a blood test to test for it.

Is anyone else experiencing itching in their feet and legs and do you think it could be something besides this other condition??? I really hate my body ya know???


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Sun, 09-27-2009 - 12:47am
I had itching but it was because I was terribly swollen and my skin was stretching. Could it be that?

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