Shortness of breath

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Shortness of breath
Tue, 10-06-2009 - 3:03pm
Anyone have shortness of breath this early?

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Tue, 10-06-2009 - 4:21pm
I'm right there with you. I get winded just by vacuuming the living room. its normal everything is bigger because we are carrying 2 or more. I know i feel them right at my ribcage I can't imagine if I'm this uncountable now what it will be like later. that's kinda scarry.

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Tue, 10-06-2009 - 5:48pm

Sometimes I cannot get through a conversation without getting winded...we had our ultrasound yesterday and the tech said baby b is inside the very bottom of my rib cage and baby a keeps pushing B into my lungs...hence, no room for breathing!

I hope this figures itself out once the babies decide to move down where they are supposed to be.

Take care

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Tue, 10-06-2009 - 6:16pm

I also have been having shortness of breath for a while now. And if they are moving around, forget about it! Thats usually when I can tell if they're moving, b/c all of a sudden my breath stops short. Plus, that is why they are saying that pregnant women are so much more at risk for H1N1, b/c of our respitory and breathing problems while pregnant.

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Tue, 10-06-2009 - 8:54pm
I too get winded really easy, especially if I am having a long conversation. It's even worse when I bend over and when I lay down to go to sleep. They like to slide up into my ribs when I lay down, so now I have to prop myself up to sleep. Did I say sleep? I mean rest; I haven't slept in about 6 wks because of these girls.




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Thu, 10-08-2009 - 4:58pm

oh yes, I move very slow now. Living in NYC makes it harder because I have to walk everywhere and the subway steps have become brutal. I had this with #1 too, but much later in my pregnancy.

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