Sorry I've been MIA

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Sorry I've been MIA
Fri, 05-20-2011 - 8:28pm

School, work and the twins have been just making things crazy, my DH's pinning ceremony is tomorrow and my mother's birthday dinner is Sunday. OMG, how busy I'm going to be...

On the up-side the kids are doing great, had my NT test at 13w and I have another next Thursday, they were measuring great, practically the same size so no apparent growth restriction for either of them. I'm excited.

I had an u/s yesterday, HR of A was 160, and

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Sat, 05-21-2011 - 5:52pm
I just wanted to say yay again for all looking good. :-)
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Sat, 05-21-2011 - 7:28pm

Glad all looks good!!!


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Sat, 05-21-2011 - 11:27pm

Try and get some rest in there, sounds like a hectic time.

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Mon, 05-23-2011 - 12:02pm

Yah, busy busy!! Glad all is looking well... hope you'll get confirmation on genders soon then (hoping for one of each?? GL!)