Swollen legs, feet and ankles

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Swollen legs, feet and ankles
Thu, 10-08-2009 - 4:45pm

Should I be concerned about this? I just noticed it today that they are swollen. Is this just normal for a twin pregnancy? I never had any swelling with my dd.



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Thu, 10-08-2009 - 5:26pm
It seems a little early, I say call your doc to see if you should be concerned.

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Thu, 10-08-2009 - 10:55pm

I have had swelling since about 12 weeks, and my Dr. told me to get compression hose. They do work but your legs feel like bound sausages. Remember that your blood volume increases a 100% with twins so swelling is more likely.

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Fri, 10-09-2009 - 12:06pm

I had swelling in my feet and ankles from early on.

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Sat, 10-10-2009 - 2:42pm

I had very mild swelling at this point that dissappeared after resting for a while with my feet up, or after a night of sleep.