Blood pressure with twins?

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Blood pressure with twins?
Sat, 12-31-2011 - 8:43pm


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Sun, 01-01-2012 - 9:50am

Grats on your pregnancy :)

Can't wait to hear back after your U/S!


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Sat, 12-31-2011 - 9:21pm
Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy! BP *may* be increased with twins but it's usually later in pregnancy. This early on there's no way to know if it's one or more beyond an u/s. All pregnancies are different but symptoms emerge sooner with each subsequent pregnancy. Your body "remembers" what it's supposed to do and does it earlier. I know with my own twin pregnancy I didn't show until around 12 weeks but it was only my second.

Identical twins are most often a fluke and not usually genetic. Fraternals are genetic if the trait to hyperovulate is the reason behind it. Each kind of twin is usually just a fluke, you'll read here a lot of times "we don't even have twins in our family" because there are so many causes beyond genetics.

Good luck and I hope you come back after your appointment and let us know how many. :-)