combi twin sport ex vs Valco double tri mode ???

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combi twin sport ex vs Valco double tri mode ???
Sat, 06-25-2011 - 6:48pm

Hi all - hoping some of you gals have either of these 2:

I think i've wittled down my choices to the 2 above, but can't decided.

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I have the Valco Twin Tri Mode. To be honest I didn't look at too many other double strollers since I knew I was going to need something that would accomodate more than two kids & that one fit the bill since I can add the third seat to the front. Anyway, another good friend of mine has this stroller as well and really likes it so far. I haven't used it yet with my twins but my two older kids (3 & 20 months) did really well in it and enjoy the ride. I found ours on e-bay for around $400 brand new which is still pretty darn expensive but not too bad as far as the Valco goes.

Before this we had the Kolcraft tandem stroller and while I really, really liked that stroller it just wasn't going to work with 4 kidsd under three. I don't think having the double snap & go and another double is overkill. The snap & go will be really nice while they're little and in carseats more often. As they get older the other double will probably be nicer. I've heard a lot of people having luck finding a double snap & go on craigslist or e-bay.


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I've had 3 Combi strollers, including the Twin Savvy and liked all of them. The Savvy made it through both my twins and my sisters after her cheap stroller bit the dust ;) It was very easy to maneuver with one hand and not a problem getting through doorways and stores.

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Mon, 06-27-2011 - 10:20pm
I have the combi, hate it and it's gathering dust in my garage. I know nothing about the valco- but do like the third seat possibility.
The snap and go was the ONLY stroller we used for the first 6 months, admittedly we don't live in an area where a stroller is of much use except at the mall. I regret buying other strollers so early because new stuff keeps coming out.
Now we use an instep twin jogger that I use for walking around near the house (bought off craigslist for 75-) and then a McLaren techno twin- my fave, this is the one that stays in the back of the van. We also have 2 Single strollers for when DH and I go places together, it's easier to maneuver narrow aisles.
Good Luck!
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