Dr appt update

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Dr appt update
Tue, 11-13-2012 - 8:04pm

Just got back from my Dr's office. At first she couldn't find the second baby when she found baby 2 we have heart rates of 176 and 186 (I honestly think she measured one baby twice, she was having such a hard time measuring with the u/s machine) but she can't get them in the same from to label Baby A and Baby B. I'm thinking I may need to change Drs because not only is she incapable of dealing my twins but she now thinks I have a bi corndinate uterus or 2 uteruses (I have had 2 previous children, if I had a problem like that before they would have found it then). I have also lost 2 lbs. 

Thinking that maybe I should change drs...