High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure
Thu, 02-18-2010 - 9:00am

Well, the good news was yesterday at my growth scan, both babies are growing in tune with each other (2 boys) and are only showing a 3% difference in size so we are thinking TTTS isn't going to be an issue, but the bad news is my blood pressure is getting much too high. High enough that they made me sit around/admitted me for about 3/3.5 hours afterwards to monitor the babies and my blood pressure. Thankfully, almost immediately upon getting admitted it started to drop, but being I'm only 25 weeks, I have a few questions.

So, I guess what I'm asking is 1) Has anyone had this happen to them and what was your outcome (what time was it diagnosed, delivery in weeks, etc.)? and 2) Any suggestions for making my blood pressure drop?

Usually I'm a terrible worrier, but lately I have to say with all the movement I've haven't really been stressed, so I don't think that would cause it, so I'm kind of at a lost as to what to do. Otherwise I don't have any swelling, protein in my urine, consistent heartburn, etc. so I'm hoping this won't be a quickly escalating issue. I do have another appointment on Friday with my OB (the growth scan was with my peri) so I'm sure he'll have some comments, but was just hoping for some BTDT experience. Thank you.