Home uterine monitoring...

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Home uterine monitoring...
Wed, 03-21-2012 - 2:22pm
So I've been using this monitor since week 24. I have to do it twice a day for an hour at a time. Then I send it in and they call me 10-15 mins later. I don't mind monitoring ( the babies hate it and kick the monitor and belt)' but the calls bother me. I spoke to my dr and nurse at the hospital about having them only call if there's an issue..but apparently the have to call me three days a week at a minimum. I wouldn't care if it was just a quick call but each time it's a different nurse and each time they ask personal medical info...stuff I just don't feel like sharing with a uterine monitoring company. They also tried to tell me that if I had any issues that I should call them first, not my dr at the hospital...I said sorry but I'm going to call my dr. Anyone else go thru this?