? for ladies with GD

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? for ladies with GD
Fri, 01-29-2010 - 4:44am
Ok so all week I have been testing my sugars. Anyone else NOT have high #'s??? I haven't changed anything that I eat, just the portions and added the snacks. the only high # I have is 2 hrs after lunch at Applebees (and I totally stuffed myself then we drove and hour to get home) and that # was only 135 so 15 over what they want. I think our lab here screwed something up. To boot I only have to test 4 times. So I thought well heck I'll test before I eat too. nope #'s are still in normal range. Just curious if anyone else had the same thing happening to them.
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Fri, 01-29-2010 - 6:45am

Your levels are like my levels. That is a good thing (not a sign the lab screwed up). My doctor explained that my GD could be controlled with diet alone and no extra sugar would be passing on to the babies. When you get more sugar than you should in your diet, your pancreas gets lazy (i.e., your Appelbees lunch...it really shouldn't be above 120 after 2hours after a meal even when you pig out...your pancreas just didn't respond as quickly as it should have). So, it sounds like you are in my boat. Eat well, check the sugars and you and your babies will be like every other woman who doesn't have GD. Eat too much sugar and your pancreas can't keep up...kids get too much sugar...not a good thing.

Sorry...think you have GD (like your doctor's office concluded), but you are going to be able to control it REALLY easily. So, that is a good thing, right?


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Fri, 01-29-2010 - 12:32pm
Hi Tonna, I had the same thing with ODD, except I was also taking Glucophage (sp?) but my numbers were never high. Just keep at it, it's great it's so easy to control.

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