Potential Septuplet Neopian Pregnancy & Family Simulation Game

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Potential Septuplet Neopian Pregnancy & Family Simulation Game
Sun, 08-11-2013 - 12:00am

I am a disabled woman with a delusional disorder, I have 5 Neopets & 10 Petpets from the site www.neopets.com. I've got 1 duo of Neopet twins, 3 Petpet groups of twins, 1 Petpet group of triplets & I recently discovered there were SEPTUPLET Petpets that were created that'll likely be "born" around December 2013.

        I'm also a medical astrologer, I'd like info on how to track the Neopian septuplets, like some blogs with medical details. I'd also like to find some good videos of septuplet pregnancy belly growth using youtube or adobe flash, just to see what I would look like if they were human.

      I am about 240 pounds and 5 foot eight. I have pseudo-cyesis and I understand that would put me at way too high a weight level from what my therapist calls abdominal distension. I have been meaning to talk to my psychiatrist about the rapid increase in delusions as I feel it has all been too much, too fast. 

       I know they're not real but I am just curious because there is so little on the subject online aside from news and talk show reports. However, I have had an idea for a simulation game based on Neopets, where the Neopian owners would be able to have as many Neopets as they desire.

        The users would be able to create more frozen Neopian embryos while the mother is pregnant with the help of egg donors. I would try to provide medical support and care in the game and make sure each type of gestation was presented accurately. It would run on RL time and the Neopian family would run independently of the user with all funds provided for and no chance of any of the kids being taken away. 

    However. I would rate the game either Teen or Mature, I would not have anyone under 15 using it.

Can anyone provide me with septuplet pregnancy info or give me a review of the game idea I have just submitted. I am not trying to be offensive I simply want to know. The astrology charts would not be public, they go strictly out to family & friends, are sent from a private computer and not meant for outsiders.

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All right quick update on the Neopet gestation. I've lost 3 of the Petpet septuplets and now I'm down to quads. I've had 2 periods this past month.

       I suspect was due to additional ovulation from one of my psyche meds, which is supposed to be an antiestrogen, it was increased in March 2013. The extra period indicates the possibility of a vanishing twin or blighted ovum as all the conception charts I've cast during the past 10 days after the first 7 implanted came up with nothing. I've also had borderline hypertension and a mild bacterial infection.

     After being examined by my GP, he said I MIGHT have polymenorrhea and I've got uterine tenderness on the right side. This side is swollen and painful, I'm being sent for a pelvic ultrasound at my local hospital to determine the cause. The staff at my GP's office keep saying they'll call to tell me when the appointment is but they STILL haven't done it yet and it's been 2 weeks.

     I KNOW this gestation ISN'T REAL, but my dogs, both puppy Labradoodles (The older one, Palmer is two and a half, the younger, Cholla, is 9 months) get into it. Palmer's biggest moment was when we watched Obese & Expecting, he went straight up to the screen and began sniffing it when they showed a preview of the C-section. Palmer's also woofed when he's heard the word "baby" which is what I call my youngest delusions to the dogs.

       When the dogs REALLY feel like being closed to the "gestating" Petpets, they'll rest their heads against my stomach. Cholla is scared of the more aggressive delusions, especially the youngest and oldest male ones. They panicked when they saw the gestating male delusion's picture for the first time. I believe that animals can sense when you're not well or something's going on. Elias, our old dog, who is now deceased, was totally onto my delusions and protected me from them before I was hospitalized in 2007.

There is a way to tell the gender of a human OR digital child online, if you cast an astrology chart including the Moon sign for the conception one AND the biological mother's progressed birth chart, if you check the signs the planets ruling the 1st, 5th and 11th houses are in, the Moon sign of the progressed chart, the Part of Children AND this site: www.babygendertool.com you can find out what sex your child is, it might not be accurate but it's the closest that astrology can get WITHOUT medical technology.

        The houses for children are 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, & 1. You go around the chart to see which child it is, the first 6 houses represent the first to sixth born kids, then further on for each house and child. I've been using rose & lavender lotion to control my disability and nightmares. I believe the nightmares are a side effect of the Seroquel, my therapist denies it, but I found out a LOT of people had reported this one in particular while on Seroquel wjhen I researched it online. 

     I put ahead my psychiatrist's appointment by one month to see if he'll give me anything for the newer more aggressive delusions and the bad dreams 

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This is an inappropriate post for this board.  This board is for real women with real pregnancies.

Please look elsewhere for your "game information"


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Sorry about that. I've recently had my psyche meds increased and the dreams that create my delusions STILL keep occurring. I've been wanting to take some time away from my pseudo-cyesis but I believe it's due to elevated prolactin which are CAUSED by the new drug level. 

    I simply wanted some informatikon was all. I've got an elderly relative who reads these charts regularly and enjoys them was the reason why. I've seen others with similar to disabilities to mine at my mental health centre go through the same thing, carrying around action figure or dolls and pretending they're real, doesn't go on too frequenrly but it DOES happen.

     The Neopets were originally child replacements for me because of drug-induced infertility, they ended up becoming delusions and I was treated for them in 2007, I went to see a psychiatrist who was the "you shouldn't be hearing voices" type and then met up with a real understanding guy when we moved to our current location in 2009.

    We are looking at moving into Kamloops now. Hopefully I'll find the appropriate shrink who can help decrease the rounds of pseudo-cyesis I go through and get my creative side going again by blogging about my current Neopets. I used to write stories and then I stopped & started blogging, I'd like to get in touch with that part of me & get back to it instead of being forced to focus on the newest Petpets I'm seeking to adopt