Slower Labor in Twin Pregnancies

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Slower Labor in Twin Pregnancies
Tue, 07-30-2013 - 8:53am

Labor takes longer in women pregnant with twins, a new study shows, suggesting that these mothers and their doctors could wait a few more hours before opting for cesarean delivery.

Using a national database of labor and delivery information from several clinical centers, the researchers found that twins required about one to three hours more than single babies to complete the first stage of labor. During this first stage, the cervix opens until it is wide enough for the baby to pass through; the second stage of birth is the actual delivery of the baby.

"Our data supports the suspected findings that labor progression of twin gestation is prolonged, compared to a singleton gestation," said study researcher Dr. Heidi Leftwich, a maternal-fetal medicine fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago. "Doctors could let twins labor longer before calling it 'failure to progress.'"

BTDT mamas- how long were you in labor?

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