They put me on insulin at 10 weeks and shouldn't have

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They put me on insulin at 10 weeks and shouldn't have
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 4:57pm

Well after talking to the American Diabetes Association I found out that the A1C level they ran after my 1st prenatal was to diagnose type 2 diabetes and according to that I AM NOT A DIABETIC! Also that Gestational Diabetes can not be diagnosed with the A1C, that it can only be diagnosed with an Oral Glucose Tolerance test. They recommended that I seek a second opinion as soon as possible as I should not have been put on insulin at 10 weeks... Now to find a new set of doctors.

My father thinks I should file a malpractice suit against both sets of doctors, my regualr OB and the diabetic OB.

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you definitely want to keep a accurate record of apts and conversations etc. 

and you definitely need a new OB!



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Oh my goodness, definitely, time for a new doctor. :(